Cheap Plastic Toy

Gal Levinson
Hebrew, a few words

A young woman returns to the basement of her childhood home, where she used to play her tape and practice her dance for hours, alone.

Songs, movement and toys activate each other, play with the space between girl and woman, old and new, innocent and fierce.

There, in her personal world the toys help her shine fully.

Performance theater combined with colorful, cheap toys

 60 ₪ Presale

 80 ₪ Full price

Adults & Youth club members included

הזמנת כרטיסים

Choreography and performance: Gal Levinson

Artistic guidance: Lilach Pnina Livne, Shahar Marom

Lightning design: Ofri Elisha

Toys: Matalon street

Production: Hanut 31 Theater & Gallery

The show was developed in the frame of Hanut31Theater & Gallery residency