The Lost Crown - Relaxed Performance

The Train Theater

The Train Theater in collaboration with Safe Place initiative

A special adaptation for children on the spectrum and with other cognitive differences, and their families.

The performance has:

  • Reduced intensity of lights and noise blocking headphones will be provided
  • A chill out space by the venue
  • Trained staff available to assist visitors
  • Non-judgmental environment, audience can move around as much as is needed

The Goodnight Fairy is sad. She lost her crown. Where is it hiding?

When she finally falls asleep, we’ll find out what happened to it.

Lucky enough for her, lots of creatures come to help her:

some crows, a stork, a bunch of rabbits, a mother kangaroo - even a flying teddy bear and a hedgehog who can play the drums!

Will they get it back in the end?

45 ₪ Presale

60 ₪ Full price

Children's club members included

הזמנת כרטיסים

Created by Efrat Hadani

Concept, design and performance by Efrat Hadani

Scriptwriter and directed by Marit Benisrael

Stage design: Michal Ben-Ana

Music: Gustavo Bustamante

Lyrics and final melody: Ronit Kano

Lighting Design: Dan Karger

Relaxed adaptation: Or Alterman, Sharon Gavrielov under the auspices of the Autism Treatment and Research Center