Meeting: Band-Aid | the Train Theater

Meeting: Band-Aid

A unique project in partnership with Goethe-Institut Israel

A presentation about a digital puppet and object theater kit, developed with the aim of providing theatrical tools for guides, teachers and volunteers who work with children grades K-12.

The kit is based on short videos. Each video contains a variety of activities and visual theater games using one easy-to-find material: toilet paper, band-aids and more. 

The meeting is aimed to professionals - educators, artists - and /or people curious about new ways to promote creative interactions with children. 

Creation: The Train Theater | Initiative & Support: Goethe Institut, Israel
Artistic direction: Shahar Marom, Dafna Kron
Artistic staff
Puppeteers: Florian Feisel, Antje Topfer, Sarah Chaudon (DE) 
Shay Persil, Goni Paz (IL) | Videos artists: Yoav Cohen, Yair Moss (IL)
Production: Natalia A. Saied, Dana Bason

Special thanks to Dr. Wolf Iro and Yael Goldman from Goethe-Institut Tel Aviv for persisting and creating together.

Tue. 20.8 at 13:00
Goethe-Institut Jerusalem, 15 Sokolov St 

Free Entry
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