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International Exposure Program

Jerusalem Puppet Festival PRO

Photo: Dor Kedmi

Photo: Dor Kedmi

Photo: Dor Kedmi

Jerusalem Puppet Festival

International Exposure 2020


The Jerusalem Puppet Festival presents the best of Israeli and international visual theater and puppetry for children and adults. Israeli puppet theater is inventive and unique, characteristically inspired by broad disciplines, the local intense and vivid reality, and a culturally bold and poetic approach.

The Festival encourages continuous dialogue between artists, theater groups and audience through cultural meeting and exchange. To this end, we hold an International Exposure each year.

This year, The Train Theater and Jerusalem Puppet Festival will host a very different type of International Exposure. Without the possibility of overseas travel, we are hosting a digital International Exposure. We recognize that our guests may be overwhelmed and fed up with hours of digital content, and therefore are offering to tailor a 90 min. online exposure tailored specifically to the interests and needs of each of our guests.


Get a sneak peek at the Train Theater shows, meet our artists, experience our interactive workshops and have a conversation with our Artistic Director, Shahar Marom.


The Train Theater invites professionals and delegates to contact  Adva Weinstein - International Exposure Program coordinator at The Train Theater: for registration and any questions.  

We are looking forward to sharing with you our upcoming Jerusalem Puppet Festival.




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