Founders | the Train Theater


The Train Theater was established in 1981, in a train car that was brought to Liberty Bell Park in Jerusalem, as a collaboration of four independent puppeteers:

Michael Schuster, Alina Ashbel, Hadass Ophrat and the late Mario Kotliar.

Over the years the Train expanded into other fields of activity and established additional institutions:

The International Festival of Puppet Theater started in 1983 as a meeting point between audiences and artists from around the world.

The School of Visual Theater was established in 1986, in order to develop an artistic language which breaks the barriers between the different disciplines of art. Haddas Ophrat served as its first director.

HaZira Performance Arts Arena (previously known as Habama Theater) was established in 1989 as a home for interdisciplinary art, including performance art, as well as puppet theater for adults. Mario Kotliar served as its first director.

Code magazine – a quarterly magazine about multi-disciplinary art, established by Mario Kotliar as part of his job as the director of The Association for Interdisciplinary Art.

  • In 2000, both the School of Visual Theater and HaZira Performance Arts Arena, became independent organizations.

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