Greenhouse | the Train Theater


Advanced studies in children’s visual theater and artistic puppet theater

Illustration: Batia Kolton


Artistic directors: Marit Ben Israel and Roni Mosenzon-Nelkan

Artistic committee: Dalia Yaffe-Maayan, Roni Mosenzon-Nelkan, Marit Ben Israel, Shahar Marom

Coordinator: Dana Basson


Course participants

This course is intended for highly motivated artists, beginning or advanced in their careers, who wish to create an artistic performance for children, including painters, sculptors, dancers, choreographers, puppeteers, animators, jewelers, illustrators, musicians and theater people of all types and disciplines.


Course goals

to provide  a soft landing in the world of art for children. The course provides skills ― both minor and major ― for creating visual or artistic puppet theater for children, and developing a theater language unique to the artist stemming from one’s artistic identity.

to embrace new artists and to bring those with a fresh approach into The Train Theater community.


In brief

The studies are entirely productive. Participants will experience a range of artistic languages, each according to their preference: object and materials theater, puppet theater, imagery theater, story theater, dance and body sculpting theater, and others. All theories will be studied in direct linkage to art.

During the course, participants will be given personal artistic guidance. Guest artists will be invited to give presentations and short workshops for the benefit of the participants and their course projects.

  • Click here for the Incubator page on Marit Ben Israel’s blog which is written from a slightly different perspective.



The Train Theater, Liberty Bell Park, Jerusalem


Admission requirements

Personal interview, an assignment project and a portfolio

The interviews interview will take place on Wednesday, 21.9 ,10:00-17:00



Tuition for the course is 4000 NIS.

The sum can be divided into three payments, without interest, and be paid by check or credit card.

In special cases, there is an option for different payment conditions.

Registration fee: 150 NIS

  • Special offer for participants during the course: discounted tickets for The Train Theater shows in the Hall: 30 NIS per show and 10 NIS per story theater. This offer is for participants and their families, up to 4 tickets per show.



Registration may be cancelled up to the end of the first session (payment will be refunded, not including the registration fee and the relative cost of the lesson). Subsequent cancellation will not be entitled to a refund.

For details: , Tel: 02-5618514, ext 118


Course schedule

A total of 14 meetings, once every two weeks

The course will take place on Wednesdays, 11 AM - 5 PM at The Train Theater.

Meeting dates included in the attached file.

  • The Train Theater retains the right to make changes.

A list of award-winning shows that began as Greenhouse studies and achieved international success

“Tailor Made” created by Ornan Braier. Received Interdisciplinary Show of the Year Award and a citation for unusual, surprising and original puppet design in the 2014 Stage Contest for Children’s Shows. Also won Best Children’s Show Award in the 2015 World Puppet Carnival held in Kazakhstan. “The Coat of Wonders” has appeared in Spain, Kazakhstan, Argentina, Turkey, Taiwan, Russia and France.

“Yoel Says,” created by Ronit Keno. Won four major awards at the 2014 Haifa International Theater Festival For Children: Best Performance, Best Play, Best Composition and Musical Adaption in the Directing Contest, and Best Music. Chosen as Children’s Show of the Year and winner of the 2015 Stage Contest for Children’s Shows.

"Tiny Ocean" created by Liat Shabtai and Maayan Resnick. The play won Honorable Mention award at the 2016 Haifa International Children's Theater Festival


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