Tiny Ocean - Digital show & Online Workshop | the Train Theater

Tiny Ocean - Digital show & Online Workshop

The show is available for viewing starting 12/12 17:00

 The youtube link will be available for a duration of 24 hours –from Saturday 12/12/20 17:00 until Sunday 13/12/20 at 17:00

The Zoom live meeting and workshop will take place on Sunday 13/12/20 at 11:00 , and will be hosted by the creator Maayan Reznik.
Please be equipped with :

Colorfull fabric left overs
Wooden skewers
fabric Scissors

straw ( prefrebly one that bends)
used plastic bags
small rubber bands

The links will be sent to you Via E-mail.
In case of an error, Please contact us at 050-3352525

Tiny Ocean
Puppetry in an Aquarium

By Maayan Resnick and  Liat Shabtai 

age: 4+

about 50 mins

language: hebrew

about the show- Two girls play in the water, making up stories and adventures about the tiny ocean they have created where anything can happen. A little silver fish and a little red fish set out on a journey. Will they discover the treasure? Will they become friends? An exciting adventure, comically and magically set in an awe-inspiring and tempestuous ocean. 2 actresses, 5 aquariums, 62 fish, loads of water, with one hidden treasure and 100 little surprises.

about the workshop- learning to make fish out of fabric Moderator- Maayan Resnick