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Master Class

PuppetCinema: When Puppets and Camera Meet Onstage

Photography: Yaeir Meyohas

A video and photography workshop for actors and puppeteers

The puppet cinema approach is a stage language combining puppets with closed circuit video to remove the barrier between backstage and the stage. The film simultaneously shows the puppet movie and the creation process, providing viewers with a wealth of novel viewpoints and the opportunity to take part in the magic of creation. In the workshop, we will learn the language principles: operating the puppet for the camera, photographing puppets and the live interaction between them.

Zvi Sa’ar
Actor, director and puppeteer. Winner of scholarships in 2013 from the Sharett Scholarships Program and the Jim Henson Foundation. Graduate of Yoram Loewenstein’s Performing Arts Studio (2006). Graduated summa cum laude from Haifa University’s Theater Department (2010). Acted in Israel’s leading theaters, both repertoire and fringe. Founder of PuppetCinema, a video puppet theater operating in Israel and New York which has appeared all over the world.

Current shows under Sa’ar’s direction: “The Road to Ein Harod,” based on the book by Amos Kenan, at the Hazira Performance Art Arena in Jerusalem; “Planet Egg,” Tel Aviv’s Tmuna Theater.

Master class structure

Day 1

There is a huge difference in the artistic language, set design and acting methods between theater and cinema. The same is true regarding the unique skills required for filming puppets. In this workshop, we will learn to select and work with puppets suitable for cinema, evaluate how ”photogenic” different sizes and materials are, and practice activating the puppets on-camera (“camera acting” for puppets).

Here we deal with the filming itself. We will become acquainted with relevant camera functions, especially focus and depth of field, size and shutter speed, resolution and lighting. We will learn how to use the camera as a storytelling tool and focus on cinematic styles, camera angles and motion, and get to know “the camera as the audience.”

Day 2

We will explore the wonderful world of simultaneousness. We will explore the dialogue between stage and screen and work to create parallel and complementary events between the two worlds. We will also work on group presentation in which all participants can act and experiment.

Day 1: Friday, May 29, 10 AM – 3 PM
Day 2: Saturday, May 30, 10 AM – 5 PM

Cost: 500 ₪ (special price for Train Theater artists: 250 ₪)

Limited enrollment

The meetings will take place in the Train Theater’s rehearsal space at the southern end of Liberty Bell Park, Jerusalem.

Details and registration: Tammy at 02-5618514, ext. 118;