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Illustration: Batia Kolton

A program to encourage outstanding creators to create full-length children’s performances in visual theater, puppet theater, object theater, dance theater, etc.

Promising and already-established artists from all fields who have not yet created a full-length children’s show

Artistic director: Marit Ben Israel
Artistic committee: Dalia Yaffe-Maayan, Dr. Naomi Yoeli, Shahar Marom, Marit Ben Israel
Coordinator: Tammy Izhaki

What is the difference between the Residency and the Train Theater’s Artist Incubator?
The difference is in depth of experience.  The Incubator is for artists who wish to explore and develop an artistic theater vernacular for children. The Residency is aimed at artists who have already developed a vernacular and would like to realize a specific proposal for a children’s show.

Admission criteria
These include originality of artistic proposal, suitability for children, professional level and the participant’s artistic maturity. Limited number of places.

Program details
The program consists of 10 meetings, and is directed by Marit Ben Israel and guest artists. Personal artistic guidance is provided, in addition to group discussion and support, work space and a 6000 NIS scholarship (including VAT).

Program dates
January through August 2016

Interim goal
To create a 20-minute piece that serves as a “taste” of the show and an artistic key. At the end of the program, each participant will offer performances/master classes to the general public as part of Jerusalem’s August 2016 International Festival of Puppet Theater.

After completion of the program
Promising work selected by the Train Theater’s Artistic Committee will receive additional artistic funding and guidance to create a full-length show which will be incorporated into the Train Theater’s permanent repertoire.

Requirements for admission to the program

  • A detailed proposal for a new children’s show, including a written description of the medium, means, sphere, style, content and sequence. Candidate will be required to present pictures, visual aids and a 5-minute excerpt of the show.
  • CV
  • Portfolio

Admissions exam
Suitable applicants will be invited to a personal interview and will give a 5-minute presentation excerpt from the show (to be coordinated in advance).

For details:, telephone: 02-5618514, extension 118

Program schedule
Group meetings will take place on Tuesdays at 4 PM in the Train Theater’s rehearsal space.
For meeting dates, see attached file

  • The Train Theater retains the right to change the program dates.