Shikshukalem | the Train Theater


Multidisciplinary Outdoor Event
The whole family

Get your passports ready, open your eyes, and imagine the “Shikshukalem” with us. An almighty city where you are the architects, the builders, the dreamers, the artists, the children. 

Each year, the Jerusalem International Puppet Festival creates a multidisciplinary outdoor event for children and the whole family at Liberty Bell park in Jerusalem. The audience is invited to wander among the creations and experience puppet theater, art installations, dance, sound, performance, and more. This year we invite you to the land of imagination - “Shikshukalem”. Instead of a showering rain it has a weeping tower. Its coffee shop serves tunes instead of coffee and macaroons. It doesn’t have streets or cars, but a talkative train. And its streets aren’t made of concrete or cement, but of movements and dance. You’re allowed to draw graffiti on the city walls and if you open a book, the circus will come.


Artistic directors: Dafna Kron & Shahar marom
Artists: Ranei Mazor, Shlomit Fundaminsky and Einat Ganz, Dina Goldstein, Sharon Gavrielov, Inbar Heyman, Daria Alexandra Jukova and Liza Schurr, Keren Katz