Future | the Train Theater


Multidisciplinary Outdoor Event
The whole family
כל השפות

Multidisciplinary Outdoor Event

For the whole family
90 min

What sweets will there be in fifty years? Will there still be schools? Will I have a pet alien? A floating car, or a vacation home on the moon?

We are preoccupied with the future, we plan it, dream about it, anticipate in  it and fear it. It is rolled up in a fortune cookie, hiding in the imagination, in creation, in the outer space, in the lab and mostly - between you and me. 

At Jerusalem’s Liberty Bell Park awaits a gate, and behind the gate awaits… the future! Over twenty artists have devised original, interactive art works for you: installations, plays, dance, voice and sound performances. You are welcome to wander among art works about the future and explore them through play, laughter, your gaze, movement, imagination, touch or a rain song. 

In simple language, in its live materiality, we will meet it – the future – between futuristic visions and the ancient medium of art and theater. In the complex you can find: a lab for engineering futuristic animals, a robotic ‘barbecue’ on the moon, a laughter-charged time machine, a giant mammoth that emits fortunes, a black hole that invites you to dive into it, a jump into the Amazon rainforest that won’t get you wet, a wishing lake, a time machine launch station and more. 






Artistic director: Dafna Kron & Shahar Marom


Featuring: Zohar Gotesman & Avi Milgrom -  Mammoth-O-Matic | Sofia Krantz -  chaika, Dasha Alexandra Jukova & Liza Schurr Futuristic laboratory for engineering pets and domestic animals |  Avimor Mama  - Future | Alina Ashbel - The Mistress of spices | Ayala Perel - X Files: The Bell garden version |  Miriam Lupu Novoplansky - The Wish Basin | Nir Jacob Younessi & Noy Levin  - The black holl | Ori Wey & Hagar Barner  - Dr. Molecula | Yifeat Ziv & Yoav Ronat  -  A trip to the Amazonas | Nimrod Farchy  -  The chocolate planet | Shay Persil - launch to another world ,Yael Sadi -  Barbicio on the Moon.