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Visit The Templar Cemetery | Nurit Dreamer


Visit to the Templer Cemetery 
Nurit Dreamer

Ages 5+, for the whole family
45 min

On Emek Refaim, behind a green gate, is a hidden Templer Cemetery, over a hundred years old. There you will find the cemetery guard. But why guard a cemetery? After all, they aren’t going anywhere.. because it’s important to guard the stories and memories!

The performance visit to the cemetery is an opportunity for a delicate yet courageous encounter in the subject of loss or absence. 

With humor, delicacy and sensitivity, children and parents are invited to wander among stories of memory, yearning and love. 

Together, we will listen to the story about a grandfather who used to keep all his memories in his pocket, about the miller who used to make longing bread, about a lady who knows how to get the most beautiful stories out of anyone. 

Together we will also tell our stories, listen to the stories of our parents and children, and discover that we can all be keepers of stories. 

We will meet at  Emek Refaim 43



Creation, writing, design and acting: Nurit Dreamer

Staff: Maya Schiff

Sound design:Niv Gafni 

Artistic guidance:Alit Kreiz



Many thanks to Mrs Karin  Klignbeil and the Karin TEMPELGESELLSCHAFT organisation


The "Ghost Tours" is supported by Mifal HaPais Council for the Culture and Arts

and the Municipality of Jerusalem