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my hugo


Premiere at the Haifa International Children’s Theatre Festival 2020

Noa really doesn’t feel like doing her family tree project. She has way more interesting things to do. Besides, all the other kids have grandmas and grandpas with impressive heroic stories, and only her grandpa - is not a pioneer, a warrior, or a hero. 

Slowly and gently, with the help of special tree sculptures, shadows, live music, and even humor, Grandpa Hugo reveals his story to Noa. A stirring, compassionate story about a time when evil raged in the world, and on the inherent goodness of humankind. The story Grandpa Hugo tells Noa is full of love and courage, and it has only good people. 

The play is based on the biography of Jacques Kano  

In memory of Francois and Maria Knops and Rev. Jan Brujan of Belgium. Righteous among the nations. 



The show won three awards in the Haifa International Children’s Theatre Festival 2020: 

  • Best performance prize
  • Music Prize - Ronit Kano
  • Lighting Design Prize - Dan Kreger 


Judges’ Praise at the Haifa Festival:

Best Children’s Show Prize: “This is a creation that captivated us all with its magic. On stage: a family of actors, puppets and magnificent music. Together, the creators produced a tiny show with a big heart, which uses a beautiful, refined set of theatrical media, and with great precision, sketches a unique, moving experience, full of love, poetry, optimism and hope.”  

Music Prize: “With deep, complex and moving compositions, Ronit Kano manages to touch the softness of the audience’s and the listeners’ hearts and connect them with special and precise sensitivity to the realms of Hugo’s extraordinary story. The music of “My Hugo” creates unforgettable moments that reverberate and stay with you long after seeing the play.” 

Lighting Prize: “By minimal means, Dan manages with his talent and skill to harmoniously transport the viewers in time, beyond the present, and break through the preoccupation with the puppet as an object as he breathes life and gives it a face and identity. The wise and sensitive lighting broadens the dimensions of the tiny space, creates a sense of sustainability and authenticity, and gives the show the warm and enveloping atmosphere of the story as a whole.” 

Festival Appearances:

  • Haifa International Children’s Theatre Festival 2020




Coming Shows
22.1 Sat 11:00

Play: Shahar Sitner and Ronit Kano

Direction: Naomi Yoeli 

Actors: Yonatan Ben Haim, Ayala Dangor, Ronit Kano

Stage, puppet, and object design: Hadas Ofrat

Music: Ronit Kano

Lighting: Dan Kreger

Costumes: Mai Aylon