Two Ladies and a Pepper


There are only good things in our stall; it’s better than all the others!

Wow, come closer so you can see, smell and touch everything. 

Experience a fun, imagination-filled day in the stall of two mischievous ladies: two ladies, five senses, a sixth sense and a pepper. Children are invited to learn about the senses through humor with smell, colorful imagination and play with their taste buds.


Gradually, over the course of the show, the play brings you to the conclusion that there is no arguing about taste. I found myself laughing wholeheartedly and enjoying the original, visual ideas, humor, clear diction and subtle acting. The children got onstage at the end of the play to examine the stall’s wares up close. Nothing can testify more to the success of the playLeah Gilula, Asimon Magazine

You will discover the dreams of the two ladies, who produce attractive, colorful delights on stage, converse with each other, and sing funny songs. Parents are as fascinated as children, as this is not an ordinary play with one story; rather, there are many stories, colors and soundsDikla Gal-Ed, Makor Rishon newspaper

Festivals participated in

  • The International Festival of Puppet Theater, Jerusalem
  • Haifa International Children’s Theater Festival
  • Magic Legend Festival, Suzanne Dellal center, Tel Aviv

Director: Pa Chua
Set and object design:
Natalia Rosentl
Music: Marcelo Pilevsky
Acting: Natalia Rosental,
Naomi Pulver
Production: The Train Theater

Special thanks

Alit Veber