Who´s Afraid of the Bogey Man? | the Train Theater

Who´s Afraid of the Bogey Man?


Joseph, an upstanding member of "Don't be Afraid to be Afraid", relates a childhood story about being left alone in the cabin of the "Blue Star", a ship on the Red Sea. Actor, puppet, scenery and objects form a bright and exciting children's play that deals with fear in a light-hearted and clever manner. 

What the critics said

Whos Afraid of the Bogey Man" gently and wisely deals with fear in the lives of young children the play respects childrens sensibilities and does not confront them with the language of theater "Whos Afraid of the Bogey Man" is well made and takes full advantage of sound and lighting effects to create sharp transitions between feeling safe and the place where fear reignsYehuda Biton, Ha'aretz Newspaper

The play is well made taking full advantage of puppet theaters technical ability by creating sudden transitions through lighting and music moving quickly from fear to safety Recommended for children 5-8 years oldYaron Sachish, Jerusalem Newspaper

Participated in the following festivals:

  • The International Festival of Puppet Theater in Jerusalem
  • The Puppet Theater Festival, Holon
  • Won First Prize at the Synergura Festival, Erfurt, Germany 1992
  • The 6th Haifa Children's Theater Festival
  • "The Magic of Fairy Tales" Festival, Tel Aviv

Written: Lars Frank 
Directed and Designed:
Anne Frank 
Music: Fritz Bauer 
On Stage: Jonathan Ben Haim, Adam Jan Yakin
Production: The Train Theater