Red Riding Hood and the Green Dress


A proud fairy embroiders the legend of Red Riding Hood onto the folds of her giant dress in this unique adaptation of the classic fairy tale, rich with visual props, a magical set full of surprises, and an actress and dolls who share their arms and legs. The play deals with the process of growing up, the encounter between innocence and the unknown, fear, temptation and surrender to temptation.


The maturation process experienced by innocent Red Riding Hood and her encounter with fear, temptation and the unfamiliar, is given a special adaptation rich with visual props. The set is full of surprises, as in all Train Theater productions, and so is the unusual combination of actress and puppets. Recommended.Parents and Children Magazine

Festivals participated in:

  • The International Festival of Puppet Theater, Jerusalem
  • Yehi’am Festival
  • Magic Legend Festival, Suzanne Dellal center, Tel Aviv

Processing, Writing, Design and Directing: Sharon Bar-Ezer
Acting and Activation:
Sharon Bar-Ezer, Ran Zilberman
Music: Avner Kaner
Design assistance:
Natalia Rosental
Costumes: Valia Hübscher
Lighting: Sharon Bar-Ezer, Jonathan Ben Haim
Production: The Train Theater