Performing Animals at the Puppet Theater | the Train Theater

Performing Animals at the Puppet Theater


An animal trainer presents an enchanted and amusing, circus-like world. Children watch and experience the show visually, but also act and activate the puppets onstage and learn the language of theater: setting, music, screen, actors and audience. The circus-like show boasts a tame crow, singing chickens, a dancing sheep, an acrobat monkey, an animal trainer and the puppeteer.


Yitzhak Pecker has an excellent comic sense, and his presence on stage … disseminates the puppet theater’s simple and beautiful magicMichael Handelzaltz, Ha’aretz newspaper

It’s been some time since I saw such a successful and appropriate show for young children … a true show, happy and amusing. Heartily recommended!Sarah Arnon, Yediot Ahronoth Newspaper

Participation in Festivals

  • The International Festival of Puppet Theater and Film, Holon
  • The Yaron Yerushalmi Magic Legends Festival, Suzanne Dellal Center, Tel Aviv

Directing, acting and activation: Yitzhak Pecker
Puppet and set design: Esther Kogan Pecker
Production: The Train Theater