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The Journey to Lilliput
Photo by Eldad Maestro
Photo by Eldad Maestro
Photo by Eldad Maestro
Illustrated by Batia Kolton

​Based on the classic book by Jonathan Swift.

After his boat was capsized in the sea, Gulliver finds himself at the shores of Lilliput: a country of little people with great wishes. For the Lilliputs, Gulliver is a giant, omnipotent, and certainly can fulfill all their wishes. Gulliver tries to behave as a polite guest, and to satisfy the small Lilliputs. The performance combines acting with the use of models, mechanical toys, tiny machines, puppets and film. The theatrical language, rich and unique, creates an intimate, surprising experience, full of imagination.

What the critics said

Jack Shvili, the only actor on stage next to the little Lilliputs - wooden puppets made with great skill - personifies Gulliver with impressive professionalism. ... The rich and unique theatrical language created an intimate, surprising and imaginative experience.To Grow Up - The Family Network (Ligdol) website, August 7, 2007

The show is presented in a fascinating language, which is understood by the little children without loosing the liguistic beauty that adults can enjoy from... The acting of Jack Shvili is wonderful.... The little children are fascinated by the plot, the bigger ones are impressed by the mechanics and enjoy the acting, and the adults walk out from this excellent show with a lot to think aboutTheater Forum critique, y-net website, August 6, 2007

Participated in the following festivals:

  • Festival Mondial Des Theatres De Marionettes Charleville-Mezieres, 2011
  • International Festival of Puppet Theater in Lithuania, 2011
  • International Festival of Puppet Theater in Latvia, 2011 
  • The International Festival of Puppet Theater in Jerusalem (several years)


Created by: Amit Drori

Writing and adaptation:

Shmil Maayan

Acting and objects manipulation: Jack Shvili

Original music: Gai Sherf

Light design: Keren Dembinsky

Direction assistant: Meital Raz


National Lottery Council for the Arts