Jan's Daughter | the Train Theater

Jan's Daughter

Based on a true story

The show is based on the true story of Hannah Yakhin, who lived with her two sisters and her parents in the Dutch village of Amsterveen when the Germans invaded in 1940. Anita (Hannah) discovers that her classmate Lotte suddenly rejects her because she is Jewish. While her non-Jewish father saves his family and others in the village, Anita puts to use what she sees her parents doing in order to survive, to win her Lotte back. Lies and identity changes suddenly become acceptable; trust and friendship are tested. 

What the critics said

ODonovan brings the audience into the story of Anita through the use of objects and telling She switches rapidly between the characters animates them with changing voices and the children sit enchanted and still This is the art of "story theater" in its bestIdo Dagan, Time Out Magazine

Participated in the following festivals:

  • The International Festival of Puppet Theater in Jerusalem
  • The World Festival of Puppet Theatres, Charleville-Mezieres, France 2003
  • The Puppet Theater Festival in Holon, 2003
  • International Festivals in Holland, Germany, and more


Directed, adapted, designed and performed by: Patricia O'Donovan​

Music: Jerry Gerval

Lighting: Dov Mielnik

Angel design: Jurg Beier

Costume: Jaqueline Behar
Production: The Train Theater