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Stumble On To

Without words

A show without words. How, incidentally, was fire discovered? Of what use is broken glass to damaged eyes? and which dreams became a hot-air balloon? In the "Laboratory of Human Curiosity" magical and imaginative plots of discoveries are revealed, of inventions which incidentally happened, and of the people who dreamt them up. A fascinating show, full of imagination, which incorporates puppets, shadows, objects and human-beings

What the critics say

A complex and sophisticated puppet show On an intriguing stage full of surprises three talented puppeteers demonstrate three stories of accidental scientific inventions A flowing imagination of theatrical language and accurate puppetry This is an original invested imaginative and magical show The message of the show is just as important it encourages curiosity and creativity which stand behind the artistic and the scientific experience as one
Shai Bar Yaakov, Yedioth Aharonot Newspaper

"Stumble On To" which won First Prize at the Haifa Childrens Theater Festival in 2001 - a smart show about the development of human knowledge through which the children can learn in an experiential manner how by chance things have been discovered such as fire eye-glasses writing and moreIdo Dagan, Time Out Magazine


  • The International Festival of Puppet Theater, Jerusalem
  • ​World Festival of Puppet Theater, Charleville-Mezieres, France 2003
  • Haifa International Theatre Festival for Children 2001 - prize of "best show"!
  • International Festivals in Portugal, Poland, Holland, Denmark, USA, Canada, and more. 


Idea, set and puppet design:
Elit Veber

Directed by:
Avital Dvory and Elit Veber

Stage adaptation and manipulation: Elit Veber, Avital Dvory, Sharon Mayevsky/ Michal Hersonski

Puppets: Irena Litzky, Elit Veber

Original music and soundtrack: Ady Cohen

Lighting design: Asi Gotesmann

Set construction:
"Galileo" - Yuval Kedem