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Yoel Says


A musical performance inspired by Yoel Hoffman’s book, “February is a Good Time to Buy Elephants”

The play, "Yoel Says," is about how the power of imagination can help prevent feelings of loneliness and bring people together.

Ronit waits for Yoel, author and her imaginary friend to arrive. When he doesn’t show up she is sorely disappointed. But in his stead, another friend arrives this time for real, accompanied by a huge musical instrument. Together they sing and play the bass, sousaphone, trumpet, flute, ukuleles, and even some miniature musical instruments. Using music and their imagination, they experience together courage and fear, sharing moments of solitude and companionship, quarrels and reconciliation, wistfulness and longing, and finally the great joy of their friendship.


  • The play received four major awards at the 2014 Haifa International Children's Theater Festival
  • winner of Best Children's Show, Best Musical Composition, and Best Musical Arrangement in the Habama Awards for Children's Shows for 2015 

From the reviews

​When it comes to high-quality local children’s shows, several established theaters take the lead, including ... the Train Theater, which recently premiered ‘Yoel Says,’ a production modest in props but rich in creative ideas. The show was created by Ronit Kano, a graduate of the Train Theater’s Incubator Project, based on Yoel Hoffman’s book, It’s a Good Idea to Buy Elephants in February. In keeping with the book’s poetic style, Kano’s texts are a brilliant mix of rhymes and nonsense, showing an understanding of children's associative thinking ...
Shai Bar-Yaakov, Yediot Aharonot

That this modest play won first prize at the Haifa Children's Theater Festival illustrates that sometimes all that is needed is simple, clean, original theatrical magic ... The varied emotions that the play’s heroes experience are not always easy ― among them fear, anger and quarrels ― but they are presented frankly, as part of the natural course of life. The successful pairing of text and songs from the acting duo creates a unique atmosphere, a world of fantasy blended with reality. Creator Marit Ben-Israel’s precise direction serves to highlight the show’s simplicity and empowers the creative actors.
Noga Shavit-Raz, Haaretz

A show full of imagination and vision ... Children are just a great excuse for adults to enjoy the experience of looking at the world from a slightly different perspective ... an unconventional choice that expresses total confidence in the young audience.
Merav Yudilovitch, Ynet

A brilliant, funny, charming and enchanting production. A masterpiece.
Yakir Ben-Moshe, Literary Editor, Bialik House, Tel Aviv

Witty and playful performance for children and adults, we didn't stop laughing the simplicity of the acting and the connection with the lyrics is beautiful - it makes you want to fly away in your imagination. Thank you for a wonderful experience! ronit and daniel are amazing and captivatingAviva Peretz - Netanya Culture


Read more about "Yoel Says" on Marit Ben-Israel’s blog (the play’s director and director of the theater’s Incubator Project).

Click here for full blog

Participation in festivals

  • Haifa International Festival of Children's Theater
  • International Festival of Puppet Theater, Jerusalem 

Music and lyrics: Ronit Kano
Director, text editor:
Marit Benisrael
Acting, singing, live music:
Ronit Kano and
Gershon Waiserfirer / Udi Raz
Lighting design: Omer Sheizaf
Costume and props design:
Tom Krasny
Artistic consultation: Naomi Yoeli
Sound and lighting: Yoav Gershon


Simon Starr & Daniel Sapir