The One Men Driving Band | the Train Theater

The One Men Driving Band

Photography by Dor Kedmi
Photography by Dor Kedmi
Photography by Dor Kedmi
Photography by Dor Kedmi

Avrahamos the Driver is a bit of a clown. He always arrives before the band and sets up all the instruments. He certainly loves his job.

Today, however, the instruments, the audience and Avrahamos are sitting and waiting for the musicians. But the musicians never show up!!! Can Avrahamos save the day? Can the children help him become a one-man band?

It’s a miracle! With a big drum on his back and a small drum on his foot, a guitar, a harmonica, a recorder and a whistle, Avrahamos the Driver proceeds to play, sing and dance. He also gets his young audience singing and moving, and they learn from him that there’s no limit to will power and imagination.

From the reviews

Both adults and children … enjoyed it tremendously. Avi was charming and wonderfulSafa Kindergarten, Maale Adumim

We enjoyed ourselves very much, and it was exactly right for our kindergarteners. Avi was delightful – he sang wonderfully, and the children had so much funTatzpit Kindergarten, Jerusalem


Concept, adaptation, acting and playing instruments: Avraham Cohen