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The Queen´s Daughter and the Moon

Photography by Dor Kedmi
Photography by Dor Kedmi
Photography by Dor Kedmi
Photography by Dor Kedmi

An adaptation of the children’s book, Many Moons, by James Thurber

One day, a little princess falls ill.  Her mother is a very busy queen, but the royal physician says she will only get better if she is listened to.
The princess asks for the moon. Who will listen to her and bring her the one thing she craves?

The show is made entirely out of paper and is performed in the framework of a gigantic book whose pages comprise the settings and characters’ costumes. The actress transforms into the various characters while turning the huge pages.

This adaptation emphasizes conversation and listening as the key to understanding and problem solving.

From the reviews

A wonderful solo performance ... The paper cutouts and figures are made with great skill and cleverness. Children and adults alike were enthralled, responding to Gufnan whenever she requested it... Another marvelous production from the Train TheaterGalit Levy, Levy, Horim VeYeladim newspaper

This was terrific! The crowd went wild. A talented, fascinating, surprising actress, alongside marvelous set design. The constant onstage action held our unflagging interest at all times, and everything was done with superb tasteValerie Chikly, puppeteer, Keshet B’Anan (Rainbow) Theater, Kibbutz Nir Eliyahu

articipation in festivals

  • International Festival of Puppet Theater, Jerusalem
  • International Festival of Puppet Theater, Holon
  • The Magic of Fairy Tales Festival, Suzanne Dellal Center, Tel Aviv
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26.6 | Wed | 16:45
תל אביב - פטיו בפילון

Concept: Hadass Gertman, Nili Weissberg-Gufnan
Adaptation and writing: Gilles Ben-David, Nili Weissberg-Gufnan
Director: Gilles Ben-David
Acting and manipulation: Nili Weissberg-Gufnan
Visual design: Hadass Gertman
Music: Yuval Havkin
Production: The Train Theater