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Dreaming Animals

Photo by Eldad Maestro
Photo by Eldad Maestro
Photo by Eldad Maestro
Illustrated by Batia Kolton

Based on the book “Once There Was a Child Who Didn't Want to

Sleep Alone” by Mira Meir. A child is afraid to sleep alone and finds comfort in the animals in his room who join him in his bed one by one. They take away his fears, but they also take up the whole bed, until the child begins to miss the bed that he once had all to himself…

A sweet show for the little ones – about dreams, fears, and animals, combining actors, puppets and shadow theater. 


Winner of the Prize for Best Early Education Play, The International Puppetry Festival, Hanoi, Vietnam, 2008

What the critics said

The enchanting performance is both talented and professional, positioning it well above the usual standard of children's plays …  A sympathetic and low-key event that will captivate adults and still excite kids ...  Children are mesmerized by the dolls and curious to figure out how the puppets are operated, while being absorbed into the innocent and imaginary world that helps them to  identify with Ephraim the puppet-hero.  Highly recommended.Aviva Levinson, Time Out, Tel Aviv

I think this is one of the best (if not the best) performances for children this age.Dalia Dan, author of the program, “A Story About a Stage,” Talpiot College

Participated in the following festivals:

  • The International Festival of Puppet Theater, Jerusalem
  • The 1st International Marionette Festival, Hanoi, Vietnam, 2008
  • The Haifa Children’s Theater Festival, 2005
  • The Holon Puppet Theater Festival, 2004
  • International Puppet Theater and Film Festival, Holon, 2004
  • The Magical Legend Festival, Suzanne Dellal Center, Tel Aviv, 2003

Adaptation, Direction and Design: Natalia Rosenthal
Acting and Puppetry: Natalia Rosenthal, Tsipor Frumkin
Boy Puppet Design: Revital Arieli
Music: Yulia Dukhovny
Lighting: Dov Mielnik
Artistic Consultant: Masha Nemirovsky
Production: The Train Theater