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Dream Trackers

Theater in the Alleys of Yemin Moshe
The whole family
Photo by Eldad Maestro
Photo by Eldad Maestro
Photo by Eldad Maestro
Illustrated by Batia Kolton

This has never happened before! A dream about the neighborhood has suddenly taken control of him – and it’s preventing everyone else from having dreams, too!

Want to discover the dreams concealed between the neighborhood’s stones?  You’re invited to a short course on the secrets of dream tracking. The course leaders are world-class dream trackers: the imaginative Dr. Ilu Ke-Ilu and the illusory Prof. Yehoshua Ta’atua, both renowned in their field.

The dreamy landscape of Jerusalem’s Yemin Moshe is home to a lyrical show with the entire neighborhood as the stage, half real, half dream.  Actors Avi Cohen and Jack Shvili will sing, amuse and entertain. Together with the audience, they’ll touch the dream. They are the dream. You are the dream.

Meeting point

Heinrich Heine Street, Yemin Moshe (in the upper plaza, next to the Windmill)

Tickets must be purchased in advance.

  • The show takes place in Yemin Moshe
  • Not suitable for strollers
  • Bring a hat and water
  • Suitable for individuals, families and organized groups of up to 75 participants.
  • The activity is weather-dependent and changes are possible, so stay updated through the Train Theater office.

Telephone number for queries on the day of the show only: 050-3352525

From the reviews

Dream Trackers is a wonderful street theater production for the whole family in the dream-filled alleyways of Jerusalem’s Yemin Moshe neighborhood.Mor Gavriel, Asimon, Israel’s Site for Women

Dear Train Theater and ‘Dream Trackers’ actors, on Saturday we attended your show with our daughters. Not only did the girls enjoy the event, but I must say that we parents also had an amazing experience. The two actors transported us into a delightful dream, and for a short while we became children again. Many thanks and well done!The Amiel family

Participation in festivals

  • 2010 International Festival of Puppet Theater, Jerusalem, as part of the Neighborhood Artworks Project
  • 2011 Premiere, International Festival of Puppet Theater, Jerusalem
  • 2012-2014 International Festival of Puppet Theater, Jerusalem

Writing: Shmil Ma’ayan
Directing and design: Amit Drori
Acting and puppet operation:
Jack Shvili, Avraham Cohen
Costume design: Valia Piratinoff
Production: The Train Theater


This work was first performed as part of the 2010 International Festival of Puppet Theater, Jerusalem – Neighborhood Artwork Project, the Dream Route in Nachlaot.