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About Band-Aid


Band-Aid was developed with the aim of providing a theatrical creativity and play kit for staff who work with toddlers in various contexts: preschool teachers, counsellors, volunteers, non-profit organizations and the general public.

We called the project Band-Aid because sometimes, for children, band-aids are more of an emotional need than they are a medical one. When a child gets injured and asks for a band-aid, they are actually asking for attention from an adult; a soothing and caring presence. We believe this kit gives children and adults an opportunity to do something together that includes personal attention, laughter, and contact with materials, all of which can provide a sense of closeness and intimacy.   

Band-aid is a joint initiative between the Goethe-Institut Israel and the Train Theater. In 2016, Dr. Wolf Iro, former head of the Goethe-Institut Israel, and Yael Goldman, Cultural Programs Consultant at Goethe-Institut Israel, sought to improve the lives of children refugees living in Israel. The global refugee crisis was just beginning and in Israel, several cases were known of severe negligence in local refugee community preschools. Iro and Goldman turned to us, the Train Theater, with an invitation to create a special theater project for these children.

We began to do the groundwork, speak with people who work with the communities and organizations: Mesila, Early Starters, Elifelet and others. We reached the understanding that the project must be sustainable and based on existing human and material resources: run by the existing staff, who are in daily contact with the children, through easily obtainable materials. In addition, we decided that the project must not be dependent on language - it has to work in different locations around the world. And most importantly - the project must provide an emotional response for children between the ages of two and six.

The development process lasted three years, in which we worked diligently together to locate artists and partners, a suitable format and resources.

The present project is the result of these efforts. It came into the world with lots of love, wonderful partners, and in the spirit of creativity and friendship. After completing our first day of filming, it was already clear to us that each child would enjoy the activities provided, connected to the worlds of emotion, imagination, and rich, varied puppet and object theater. 

We thank all the partners of this special project, the initiators, Dr. Iro Wolf and Yael Goldman from the Goethe-Institut Israel, who believed in us and in the project and helped turn a dream into reality.

Production: The Train Theater
Initiation and support: Goethe-Institut Israel, Dr. Wolf Iro, Yael Goldman
Artistic development staff: Dafna Kron, Shahar Marom, Florian Feisel, Antje Topfer
Pedagogic research: Dafna Kron
Project development, fundraising and production: Natalia Amelia Saied
Puppeteers: Florian Feisel, Antje Topfer, Sarah Chaudon, Shay Persil, Goni Paz
Video artists: Yoav Cohen, Yair Moss
Production Assistant: Dana Basson
Linguistic editor: Ella Florsheim
English translation: Noa Granot
German and Arabic translations: Goethe-Institut Israel