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Public Works

Photography: Boaz Tzipor | מתוך Paper Cut

Strengthening the relationship between theater and the surrounding community

This project invited the artists and audience to leave the theater hall and wander the streets, garden paths, and alleyways. These unconventional spaces enabled artists, young and old, to present pearls of original work that had no other stage. The audience was shown unique and refreshing theater in a highly unusual venue: the city’s neighborhoods. In this way, adults and children alike enjoyed an alternative theater experience.

This project was Initiated in 2005 By Dalia Yaffe Maayan and Dr. Naomi Yoeli. It was the first of its kind in Israel and inspired similar projects.

The project took place over the course of a decade in the German Colony, Yemin Moshe, Nahlaot, Mahane Yehuda market, Baka and Mesila Park neighborhoods, as well as during the International Festival of Puppet Theater in Jerusalem.

2006: German Colony -

2007, 2008: Yemin Moshe

2009: Yemin Moshe -

2010: Nachlaot and Mahane Yehuda Market -


2011: Nachlaot -

2012: Nachlaot -

2013: Baka - Train Track Park -

2014: Baka - Train Track Park -

Works created under the project’s auspices include

  • “Paper Cut” by Yael Rasooly
  • “Indian in the Colony” by Jack Shvili
  • “The Story of Domeh and Dumi” by Meital Raz and Keren Dembinsky
  • “The Mice Charmer” by Sherry Levine, Yonatan Shohat, and Lior Lerman
  • “The World's Most Amazing Stories” by Shahar Marom
  • “The Peacock's Tail” by Hadas Ofrat and Guy Briller

פותחים שולחן 2011