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Luuuuna Park



"Luuuuna", , is a multi-disciplinary art project which allowed the whole family to experience a sassy, playful fairground. The “Luuuuna” park was open , 10-16 August 2017, as part of the International Puppet Theater Festival.

“Luuuuna” was a placed of secrets that entices the audience with its fairground attractions, hall of illusions, an imaginary global journey in the ghost train, and a battleground where a girl kung-fu fighter triumphs over monsters, as well as such Wonderful Weirdos as the Bearded Lady, Siamese Twins and many many more….

The Liberty Bell Garden

List of works and artists: Miniland - Rina Pinchover I  Door Maze - Noa Biran, Roey Talmon I Kung-Fu Fighter Versus the Red Monster -Yoanna Blickman, Renana Aldor I Who can hear the Ghosts? Sharon Gabay I Train Ticket - Guy Cohen, Yoav Ziv, Shai Cohen I Siamese Twins - Orit Mamrud, Rotem Goldenberg I Moon Garden - Michal Abulafia I The Beauty is the Beast - Sally Krysztal Kramberg I Hall of Fame -Oree Holban, Assistants - Nava Aizescu,   Raz Gomeh I Clouds - Yaron Kerbel  Cosmic Wash - Yonatan Solaj  I  The Mirror Priestess - Inbar Luiza Algazi I The Kinetoscope!-May Alon I Space Station - Karel Zeman Museum; Actor: Jack Shvili

Exhibition of Illustrations: Karel Zeman Museum

Venue managers: Hadas Ophrat, Shahar Marom

Production: The Train Theater, International Puppet Theater, Jerusalem.

The Space Station: With the generous support of the Karel Zeman Museum, Prague and the Czech Cultural Centre

Staged with the support and generosity of the
  • Israel National Lottery Council for the Arts
  • Jerusalem Development Authority
  • The Jerusalem Foundation
  • The Czech Institute
  • Embassy of the Czech Republic
  • Karel Zeman Museum, Czech Republic 

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