the Train Theater

Journey to bell kingdom | Theatrical tour


Bell kingdom was a peaceful kingdom; the people could wander freely along
its trails, express their opinions, eat what they choose and visit whomever
they wish. But one day, the evil tyrant Heronimus took over the kingdom (and
kidnapped Queen Julia!) and the people of the kingdom lost all their rights.
But not to worry, one girl has decided to rebel and send an encrypted
message, asking you—the tour’s participants—to help liberate the kingdom.
Will you give her a hand?
A theatrical tour at Liberty Bell Park, combining recorded actors, visual media,
and art kits for interactive, experiential theater for the children.


 Ages 5-10
 Children must be chaperoned by an adult
 Meeting point – next to the new train theater building | details will be
provided at the ticket booth
 Please arrive 15 minutes early, latecomers will not be admitted
 Duration: 90 minutes
 Bring a hat and water

מופעים קרובים
27.4 | Sat | 10:30
באולם הקרון
27.4 | Sat | 12:30
באולם הקרון


Creator: Ruth Hoff
Dramaturgy: Roni Brodetsky
Accesory design: Keren Dambinsky
Illustration and graphic design: Maayan Fogel
Sound: Sharon Gabai
Rebellion song: Yonathan Konda
Recorded actors: Jack Shvili, Ayala Dagnor, Nehama Yehoshafat
Production: Train Theater


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