the Train Theater



Train Theater

Ages 5+
45 min

In her small studio, an animation artist is playing with her tiny collections, which you will see projected on the big screen, through her magnifying camera lens.
Gradually, a whole play is woven before our eyes, about Louisa, a little girl who sets out on a journey, looking to feel like she belongs, to be part of a soft and loving place, and to find a friend.
The play moves between two intertwined narratives: the story of the play's creation and the content of the inner tale about Louisa.

It is a moving and funny story about self-acceptance and the acceptance of others, which combines live video, animation, object-theater and live music.

  • Awards:

Best Show
Best Director
Best Video-Art
Best Lighting
Short listed for Best Writing & Best Design

Assitej Israel, The National Theater for Young Audiences Awards

  • Commendation for Excellence in Children’s Theater

Granted by the Ministry of Culture, Israel


“The wonderful Iris Domany created a wonderful, funny and moving masterpiece and this post was written to implore you: Go see it!Every moment in this show is beauty and every time I thought a new record of poetic aesthetics had been broken, another came and then another. A beautiful combination between digital art and object-theater, with one talented Iris on stage who feels the audience, pulsates with it, reacts in such a fluid way and manages to sweep everyone away.
This is one of the most special shows I've seen and it moves me to tears to see such creativity. In the description of the show it is indicated that it is suitable from the age of 5 (which is true) but I must say that it is suitable for a variety of ages and for all of us in fact...
All this beauty was accompanied and directed by the genius Ari Teperberg.
Congratulations to the Train Theater, a perfect show was born."

Sharon Gavrielov, artistic director of "Reserved Places"

"the show in its style and spirit is a love song to the natural world, and it also allows the children watching a special space for imagination and truly uplifting visual beauty. 
[it] captivates not only the children, but also any adult who seeks beauty, is sensitive to it, and who is connected to imagination, emotion and creation.
My five-year-old son described it like this, with an enchanted and thoughtful look on his face: "Mom, wasn't it almost too beautiful...?"

Nano Shabtai, HAARETZ





מופעים קרובים


Created by Iris Domany

Directed by Ari Teperberg

Story, Design, Photography, Animation, Songs and Performance by Iris Domany

Music by Daniel Sapir and Iris Domany

Technician: Broid

Construction: Galit Katan

Light Design: Yair Segal

Artistic Advisor: Shahar Marom

Moon 3D Images: Marcel Schaika

Produced by The Train Theater


מפרט טכני: 

משטח מופע/במה: רוחב 6, עומק 4
זמן הקמה: שעתיים וחצי
זמן פירוק: שעה
החשכה: מלאה
גישה נוחה: חובה
נקודת חשמל: 2 נק