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Once Upon a World

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Premiere at the Haifa International Children’s Theatre 2020

A small, brave, and mischievous penguin all the way from Antarctica joins us on journeys around the world on his way home. 

Journeys that reveal how similar we are to the magnificent creatures who live beside us on earth. 

Two dancers who embody different animals reconnect us to the earth and nature through their dance, humor and love for the world. 



The show won 3 awards in the Haifa International Children’s Theatre  Festival 2020

  • Praise for unique and inspirational language
  • Movement Design Award - Aviv Horovitz and Marit Ben Israel 
  • Stage Design and Accessories Award - Michael Horovitz and Aviv Horovitz


Judge’s Praise:


Award of Praise for Unique Language: “For creating a unique, inspirational language, which skillfully combines theater, performance, puppetry and clowning, with great originality and mischievousness. The show “Once Upon a World” is also “the tale of a creation”, and like a chick hatching from the egg, it is created before our eyes, full of beauty and grace.” 

Movement Award: “This award was given for creating a unique movement notation, which conceptualizes a language that, by working with physical imagery and receptivity exercises between partners on stage, makes it possible to build characters and create and develop relationships between them, and define time and place in the space. For the unlimited ability to express through body movement, a wide range of emotions and states, with precision, flow, and in coordination with the accessories and music. A rich movement language, which grants depth, meaning and wholeness to the creation.”

Stage Design and Accessory Award: “For a creation that turns design into an inseparable part of it. Which, with the help of a great imagination, creates a theatrical world out of nothing, and proves that stage accessories can make you laugh, surprise you and even excite you!” 




Thank You

A personal thanks to Roni Mosenson Nelkin and the Inbal Theater 


מופעים קרובים



The Train Theater in Partnership with the National Youth Theater

By Aviv Horovitz

Direction and Choreography: Aviv Horovitz and Marit Ben Israel

On Stage: Aviv Horovitz and Itay Bibas-Dancer Creator

Design: Michael Horovitz and Aviv Horovitz

Music: Gil Lavi. Additional arrangements by Omer Horovitz, Nitai Kallay

Artistic Direction: Marit Ben Israel

Lighting: Amir Castro

Production: Train Theater