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A Sick Day for Morris McGee

תהיה בריא מוריס מגי , הצגת ילדים תיאטרון בובות בתיאטרון הקרון בירושלים
תהיה בריא מוריס מגי , הצגת ילדים תיאטרון בובות בתיאטרון הקרון בירושלים
תהיה בריא מוריס מגי , הצגת ילדים תיאטרון בובות בתיאטרון הקרון בירושלים
תהיה בריא מוריס מגי , הצגת ילדים תיאטרון בובות בתיאטרון הקרון בירושלים

Based on the book, A Sick Day for Amos McGee by Philip C. Stead

Every morning, Morris goes to the zoo where he works and spends the day with his good friends. Morris bathes and hugs the animals, plays and laughs with them, and sings them lullabies.

But one day when Morris doesn't show up the worried animals decide to do something for him.

A heartwarming story about a unique friendship in an enchanted world.

What one critic said

It is difficult to adapt subtly written children’s books for the theater and still preserve their unique spirit, but Maayan Reznik and Ayelet Golan from the Train Theater have managed to successfully achieve this, and then some. They have produced a small miracle of object theater, a solo show where Maayan Reznik does everything down to the smallest detail. With just her ten fingers and a phenomenal talent, she creates a rich and precise world. Young children were enthralled by this exacting performance with its thousand inventions and jokes. As it draws to a close, with friendship, love and piping hot tea, you cannot help but tear up with happiness. The bottom line: a wonderful and well thought-out achievement.
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Mako Website( parents and Children 2017)

A new and refreshing adaptation of an outstanding children's book ...  The young, talented puppeteer, Maayan Resnick, with the sensitive direction of the sensitive director, Ayelet Golan, have created a play which remains faithful to the style of the illustrations from the book ...  The show takes place on a large desk that gradually transforms into Morris's wonderful world ...  This is a work full of charm and ingenuity, and brings to life an exciting, heartwarming short story.  It also benefits from collaboration with Jonathan Ben Haim, a veteran of the Train Theater, whose warm, ironic voice accompanies the play as narrator as though he were reading from the book.

Shai Bar-Yaacov, Yediot Aharonot

Last Tuesday, I took my two sons, aged 3 and 4, to see the performance of “A Sick Day for Morris McGee” in Hod HaSharon.
I had to write and say what a magical show it was. Your interpretation of the book was enchanting, and the actress was charming. (I don’t know her name, but she had curly blond hair and she was highly pregnant.) We came out of the show on a wonderful high. Thank you!

Carmel Kritz

Participated in the following festivals:

  • The International Festival of Puppet Theater, Jerusalem
  • The Haifa International Children’s Theater Festival
  • 2017-2018 Season, New Victory Theater,  NYC
מופעים קרובים

Visual Language, Design and Acting: Maayan Resnick
Direction: Ayelet Golan
Storytelling: Jonathan Ben Haim
Music, Sound Editing and Lighting Design: Dan Karger
Table Design and Construction: Gilad Nardi
Writing: Tzipor Frumkin
Artistic Consulting and Support: Naomi Yoeli and Marit Ben-Israel
Production: The Train Theater

Adapted from A Sick Day for Morris McGee copyright © 2010 by Philip C. Stead. Performed by arragenment with Roaring Brook Press, a division of Holtzbrinck Publishing Holdings Limited partnership. All rights reserved. 

מפרט טכני: 

Stage: width 4meters, depth 2.5 meters 
Set-up: 2.5 hours 
Take-down: 1 hour 
Darkness: required 
Easy access: required 
Electrical outlet: required 
Maximum audience size: 120 

A customized version suitable for kindergartens
The show has been approved by 
  • National Culture Fund 
  • Culture for Israel (Tarbut le-Yisrael)

Show also available in English