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A Touch of Light

נקודת אור , הצגת ילדים בתיאטרון הקרון בירושלים
נקודת אור , הצגת ילדים בתיאטרון הקרון בירושלים
נקודת אור , הצגת ילדים בתיאטרון הקרון בירושלים

The True Story of Louis Braille, inventor of the braille writing system.

At the age of three, Louis lost his eye-sight. Would he ever be able to read and write? His thirst for knowledge, coupled with the love and support of those around him, led Louis, at age fifteen, to make his marvelous invention: an alphabet for the blind.

In a sandbox full of paper cuttings, pencils, sticks, and shadows, the artist-actress presents a poetic and enriching play based on his life – combining drama, love, and humor.


Prize for the Play with the Most Outstanding Artistic Language, TOT Puppetry Festival 2014, Barcelona, Spain.  

What the critics say


Patricia O'Donovan's play, A Touch of Light, really moved me ... a very special show treating the problems of blind children gently and with great sensitivity.
Tikva Hoter-Yishay, Yediot Aharonot


A Touch of Light is a sensitive and meticulous presentation, well designed and full of imagination.
Yoram Rotem, Parents and Children


O'Donovan makes extensive use of her and the audience's creativity and imagination ...  The great achievement of the play is its ability to describe the world of a blind child using very little text ...  The play was a success abroad and is presented several times a year at festivals in Europe, where the sensitive handling of the issue and the wise use of O'Donovan's accessories are appreciated ...  A play with proven pedagogical value …
​Yuval Zohar, The Jerusalem Newspaper

An amazing performance!!!! Inspiring!! Interesting!!! It touched every one of the students’ hearts. The children and staff were spellbound throughout the performance. At the end of the show, the students were able to speak to the actors and ask whatever additional questions they had. The actress was amazing! She spoke with our students very patiently and answered all their questions. The children were so touched by the performance that they asked to continue the performance in class.Tova Tzemach – teacher, Nir-Etzion School 

Participation in festivals

The play has been performed and received with great success at international festivals in Europe, including Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, France, Holland, Austria and Ireland, as well as in Canada.  It has been invited to participate in the Children's Theater Season in France annually since 2000.  It has also appeared at The International Festival of Puppet Theater, Jerusalem.

מופעים קרובים



Direction, Design, Puppets, Text: Patricia O'Donovan 

Music: Rachel Yatzkan

Performance: Roni Golan

Stage construction: Mario Keizman

Production: The Train Theater

מפרט טכני: 

Stage: width 2.5 meters, depth 2 meters
Set-up: 1.5 hours
Take-down: 1 hour
Darkness: required
Easy access: required
Electrical outlet: required
Maximum audience size: 150

The show has been approved by
  • National Culture Fund
  • Culture for Israel (Tarbut le-Yisrael

Show also available in English, French, German and Spanish.