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Far Over the Sea

Photography by Dor Kedmi
Photography by Dor Kedmi
Photography by Dor Kedmi
Photography by Dor Kedmi

Starting in 2017: Liat Shabtai replacing Shahar Marom.

Bialik’s poems, both familiar and forgotten, come to life through antiques, puppets, and music.

On Bialik Street in Tel Aviv, a suitcase has been found. In the suitcase is a hut; in the hut is a basement; in the basement is an old book; and in the book, a little bird from far over the sea. The little bird discovers that the book is empty, its poems vanished. How can she bring them all back?

Coming to her aid is Shahar, an antique collector from Tel Aviv’s streets. As they roam throughout the city, the little bird plucks poem titles from billboards, signs and the like, while Shahar finds and invents the poems’ characters using objects and props he discovers along the way. Using these simple, forsaken items, Shahar creates new worlds – or, more accurately, old-new ones, matching Bialik’s own language, which sounds so natural, albeit a little unfamiliar.


The play won the Design Award and garnered audience and media praise at the 2008 Haifa International Children's Theater Festival.

From the Reviews:

Of all the shows competing at the Haifa International Children's Theater Festival, particularly striking was “Far Over the Sea”. Here, actor and designer Shahar Marom, who created it together with director Alina Ashbel, has constructed a magical, enchanting theatrical journey, based on Bialik's children's poems... Marom has shaped a lyrical, wise theater of objects, breathing new life into the old words and transforming every poem into a fascinating and moving encounterShai Bar Yaakov, Yedioth Ahronoth


One charming and captivating contender in the competition was “Far Over the Sea”, a show based on poems by Bialik, which proves that all you need is an actor, story and vision to give the text wings... Inside each of Bialik’s poems we discover a magical world of images, made accessible to us with the generous help of Shahar Marom, a superb storyteller who opens our hearts
Merav Yudilovitch, Ynet


Using these simple, forsaken objects, Shahar sets up new worlds; or, more accurately, old-new ones, matching Bialik’s own language... I can only imagine what effect such artistry will have on the children’s imagination
Ronit Rokas, Haaretz



Participation in festivals:

  • Haifa International Children's Theater Festival
  • International Festival of Puppet Theater, Jerusalem
מופעים קרובים

Created by Shahar Marom
Concept, object design, scenery: Shahar Marom
lighting: Shahar Marom
acting: Liat Shabtai
Director: Alina Ashbel
Music: Igor Krutugolov
Artistic consultants: Naomi Yoeli, Marit Benisrael, Shirly Marom
Production: The Train Theater


מפרט טכני: 

Stage: Width 4 meters, depth 3 meters
Setup: 30 minutes
Take down: 20 minutes
Easy access: Required
Electrical Outlet: Required

Maximum audience size: 120
The show has been approved by:
  • National Culture Fund
  • Culture for Israel (Tarbut le-Yisrael)

Produced as part of the 2008 Haifa International Children's Theater Festival and supported by the National Lottery Council for the Arts