the Train Theater

Private Collection

Photo by Eldad Maestro
Photo by Eldad Maestro
Photo by Eldad Maestro
Illustrated by Batia Kolton

Jonathan creates a rich variety of stage events based on the seasons and the life cycle.

He invites visitors to study his private collections of simple things from nature: leaves, clouds, water, and earth. The children become active partners in the theatrical situation, helping the cloud collection take off with the wind, the water to keep on flowing, and more. Side by side with the audience, Jonathan creates sensitive worlds of magic and fun, first time experiences and childhood recollections.


The play won the Audience Favorite Award and the Concept Award at the 2008 Haifa International Festival of Children's Theater.

From the Reviews

A professional and groundbreaking work of art, Jonathan Ben-Haim’s theater creates a world that has its own inner reality, while effortlessly bypassing all the stylistic clichésHaim Nagid, Habamah site.

Thank you so much for the show "Private Collection" and for being both an artist who creates worlds and a lovely, friendly manLizi (Liza) Bendel, director and curator, Museum of Man and the Environment, Municipality of Petah Tikva.

Participation in festivals

  • Museo Ebraico di Venezia, Italy 2017
  • January 2009 - Spectacles en recommandé, La Rochelle Festival, France
  • 28-29 December 2008 - 4th International Theater of Objects Festival “Pochette Surprise”, Brussels
  • 2008 - Haifa International Festival of Children's Theater
  • 2007-2008 - International Festival of Puppet Theater in Jerusalem
  • 2007 - "The Magic of Fairytales" festival – Suzanne Dellal Center, Tel-Aviv
  • 2007 - International Festival of Puppet Theater, Holon
  • 2007 - Haifa International Festival of Children's Theater
מופעים קרובים

Co-creation: Jonathan Ben-Haim [Israel] and Antonio Catalano [Italy]
Performed by: Jonathan Ben-Haim
Direction: Naomi Yoeli
Production: The Train Theater


Adam Yan-Yakin, Galia Levy-Grad, Daniel Eichenberger, Lior and Ayelet Lermann, Nathalia Rosenthal

מפרט טכני: 

Maximum audience size: 100


Stage: Width 7 meters, or no stage.

No fixed chairs - the audience sits on mats/carpets/stools/chairs inside the performance circle
Electrical Outlet: Required
Setup: 2 hours
Take down: 1.5 hours
Staff: Actor and tech person

The show has been approved by National Culture Fund

National Lottery Council for the Arts