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Grandpa Aaron and His Rain

כ- 50

Based on the story by Meir Shalev
There is a drought and they’re desperate for some rain! Grandpa Aaron tells his friends about the mountaintop cave where the clouds are all stuck.
Grandpa Nahum and Grandpa Yitzchak really don’t believe his story, but they humor their old friend anyway.
So the three grandpas, a quick-stepping cow and a light-footed rabbit all set out on their adventurous journey to the mountain.
Will their joint effort manage to free the clouds stuck in the cave and bring the much-needed rain?
A comical journey of the imagination inside a mass of cardboard boxes, plus1500 cows and rabbits!


The show received three prizes for Best Performance, Music, and Stage Design at the Haifa International Children's Theater Festival in 2017.

Judges’ Reasoning


Best Children’s Performance Award: A creative stage vernacular that was full of imagination, minimalist and at the same time continually evolving. All the resourceful elements that create the performance—the music, lighting, space and character design—combine to form an inspiring stage vernacular. Brimming with creative delight, the trio of actors together produced a show of detailed and precise stagecraft, orchestrated by a sure hand that directed the exacting and original stage work.

Music Award: Music that breaks the mold, both free and mischievous. The music served as an additional actor in the show.

Stage Design Award: Created an original visual language that stimulates the imagination of the viewing audience and which perfectly complements the work of the actors and creates a variety of situations and characters by using the simplest of materials: cardboard boxes.

Festival Participation

The Haifa International Children's Theater Festival, 2017



The uniqueness of the performance is the ironic style in which the three amiable actors roll out the plot on stage. This results in a great celebration of onstage humor and irony.

Shai Bar-Yaakov, Yediot Ahronoth 


This version of Shalev’s amusing story has been directed with an abundance of intelligence, humor and beauty that still preserves the sophistication of Meir Shalev’s original, switching seamlessly between fantasy and reality, using his brilliant language. The visual language is simply breathtaking, and the props are testimony to the power of simplicity. The cooperation among the three actors and their perfect comic timing turns the performance into pure pleasure.

Nurit Assayag, Achbar Ha’Ir


Thanks to the grace and superb physical good humor of the three actors, they succeeded in breathing life into small cardboard boxes, a roll of electrical tape, a guitar and some lighting to create a dynamic and mischievous performance, interspersed with surprising musical moments.

Mor Fogelman-Dvorkin and Tamar Hochstein, Pinkas website

Participation in festivals

  • Haifa International Festival of Children's Theater 2017
מופעים קרובים
14.5 | Tue | 11:30
באולם הקרון

Director, adaptation, lyrics: Mor Frank

Actors: Gay Ron, Gadi Por, Betsalel Borukhov / Refael Abas

Visual Language and prop design: Maayan Resnick

Stage and costumes design: Kineret Kish 

Music: Betsalel Borukhov, Roy Yarkoni 

Lighting design: Judy Kupferman

​Sound: Yoav Gershon

Movement: Nadav Eilon

Puppet manipulation guidance: Naomi Yoeli

Executive producer: Bar Elyakim

Production: The Train Theater


Yael mor, Yoav raban, Israbig kibbutz re'im, Ariel por, Dudi peleg - tel aviv museum of art

מפרט טכני: 

Stage: width 7 meters, depth 5  meters, height 2.8 meters
Set-up: 3 hours
Take-down: 2 hour
Darkness: required
Easy access: required
Electrical outlet: required
Maximum audience size: 300


National Lottery Council for the Arts