International Exposure for Visual Theater and Puppetry

Jerusalem Puppet Theater

Photo: Dor Kedmi

Photo: Dor Kedmi

Hello שלום  سلام‎  !

The Train Theater opens the inscription for professionals and delegates to participate in the 14th Israeli International Exposure of Visual Theater and Puppetry, at the 28th Jerusalem Puppet Festival, from 18th – 22nd August 2019.

The Festival presents the best of Israeli and international visual theater and puppetry for children and adults. The Israeli creation invents itself taking inspiration from broad disciplines, intense and vivid reality, bold and poetic approach.

Join us in a five days celebration in this unique city!

The festival is the annual meeting of the local artists-family. The venues and activities are in walkable distance. We encourage personal and professional encounters while seeing the well-curated program and participating in network events, varying in styles and contents.

This year, we count with about 25 Israeli shows, half of them premiering in the JPF; a special outdoor event - Art Site for children gathering performance and visual arts about 'Fairies & Elves'; and on top of the local harvest 6 international shows from the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Lithuania and Slovenia will be present.

What we offer?
10 places for professionals first-timers at the Jerusalem Puppet Festival or visited it at least four years ago, one representative per organization, in an influential position, for the whole period of the festival.

To whom?
The program curates theater for young audiences, Visual Theater & Puppetry for the youngest and adults' alike, multi-disciplinary performances and the combination of all the above mentioned.

We welcome people in taking-decisions positions and programming international groups, willing to get familiar with the Israeli vibrant scene: Curators, Artistic Managers, Festival and Theater directors, Performing arts centers.

The flight tickets are covered by guests. 

The Train Theater bears the expenses for five overnight-stays with breakfast in a single room, at Mishkenot Shaananim Guest House – a picturesque spot facing the old city walls.  Arrival date Sunday 18th August \\\ Departure Friday 23rd August

Ticket shows
JPF ticket pass costs 100 € per person. It includes the opening event and all the shows you request to see.

Additional delegates can join us purchasing the same pass and covering independently their accommodation cost. Recommendation and good rates for nice places to sleep can be delivered upon request.  

We invite you to email Natalia A. Saied - International Relations & Exposure at The Train Theater: 
for any enquiry raised or expressing your interest to participate. 

The program will be delivered by mid-June and updates sent until then. In the meantime, you can have a look at past editions on the festival archive.

Note:  The events and the materials are in English. The participants should have a basic understanding of the language.


In collaboration with  Israel Ministry of  Foreign Affairs - Cultural Diplomacy


Ziv Nevo Kulman - Head of Division 

Anat Gilead - Director of Arts Department

Rachel Nir - Performing Arts Section

International Exposure Program For Puppetry and Visual Theater 2017