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About the Festival

THE 29th Jerusalem Puppet Festival The International Jerusalem Puppet Festival occurs yearly in August. This year, due to the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, the festival was scheduled for Hannukah and will occur primarily on-line. The festival offers a variety of local and international, contemporary and traditional puppet theater, object theater and visual theater for children and adults. The festival's mission is to promote a language of visual theater for children and adults, as well as to search for contemporary platforms for theatrical work. We hope you enjoy the variety of shows and projects offered by the festival this year, all according to the Purple Tag restrictions: sound tours, jungle gym inside the theater auditorium, filmed shows, Zoom workshops and a internet series of theater projects that combine the language of theater and cinema. We invite you, our audience, to enjoy the abundance of new ideas and performances that we've developed during the pandemic period and look forward to seeing you both online and at Liberty Bell Park.