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Festival Opening Event

Free with on-line registration
ללא מילים


Festival Opening Event 

Ages 8+, for the whole family
45 min
Without words


When was the last time you were guests and hosts at the same time? 

When did you last notice time?


Tonight you get to be guests of honour in a possible and unrepeatable place, in a different time and space. 

At times you will feel as though you are on a different planet. Make yourself comfortable, we are all human here. You can act normal. 

Soon such a place will be available, not just for lucky people like you. 

So take a breath, relax, get into the experience,

and feel important. 

You have been chosen to join the opening ball”. 

An exceptional opening event for the 31st International Jerusalem Puppet Festival, at Liberty Bell Skatepark, an evening combining performance, skateboard stunts, electronic music, live singing and a musical guest performance by one of the international festival guests. Come to Liberty Bell Park and for a moment , feel as if you have landed on another planet.


* Free with on-line registration



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Artistic manager: Guy Biran 

D.J.:  Eran Kvint

Performance: Jonathan Ben Haim, Natalia Rosenthal

Choreography:  Mica Kupfer

Dancers:  Yuval Fiinkelshtein, Naaman Shelzer, Nadav Sharon, Mica Kupfer 

Costume Design: Alona Apkarian

Lighting Design:  Yair Vardi

Skaters: Paola Ruiloba, Emily Holtzman, Hannabella Terrel, Noa Shushan, Jimmy Beer, Lior Pinto, Tal Shadmati, Sagi Aviv



Supported by the Mendel Institute | Jerusalem