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Shikun Galuyot

Zoya Kenigsberg and Shoshana Dror

Shikun Galuyot
Zoya Kenigsberg and Shoshana Dror

Shoshana and Zoya met at their Youth Aliya boarding school. Today, twenty years later, they meet again to create a joint show that weaves together the stories of their lives. Shoshana's family made Aliya from Ethiopia and Zoya made Aliya from the Soviet Union. On stage they move among languages, accents and identities. They lend one another their language and style of expression. They ask questions about identity and about the ability to see the other beyond and through language and mother tongue.

This is a story of loss and fragmentation of an immigrant generation, the story of belonging to a homeland. It is a story about the meeting of two distant cultures and their intertwining into one human story.
Documentary theater, with visual theater, illustrations, objects & images

*A performance as a feminine place of participation


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Created and performed by Zoya Kenigsberg and Shoshana Dror

Artistic consultant and dramaturgy: Brachi Lipshitz and Fabiana Maihuhas

Visual language:  Zoya Kenigsberg and Jacquelin Pearl

Construction of objects and mechanisms: Zohar Shoef

Music: Moran Meisels

Lightning design :Amir Castron

Costume design: Orit Shapira

Inbar Sharon





Developed as part of the greenhouse for directors of the lottery council for the arts 


Supported by lottery council for the arts | Foundation for independent creators | Holon puppet theater center