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Not a lumga anymore

Tova Klinger | Elit Veber

Not a lumga anymore
Tova Klinger | Elit Veber

A poetic documentary theater, based on the true story of Tova Klinger and her mother Zisle Klinger

When World War II began, Zisle the young widow ran away from Poland with her little child  and left her dear ones behind. She arrived in Siberia and stayed there during the war. After that she stayed in a displaced persons camp in Germany, where she started a new family, and eventually she arrived in Israel. During those years, Zisle  gathered two guilts that she carried on her shoulders until the day she died. Her remorse and unfulfilled dreams changed her life completely and affected the life of her children for many years.

A documentary theater combining storytelling with puppets of many kinds.




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Stage adaptation and director: Elit Veber

Original music and soundtrack design: Yali Arbel

Puppet and props design: Leonid Alisov

Creator, actress and puppeteer: Tova Klinger