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Opening event - Gifts

לכל המשפחה
ללא מילים


A special exhibition for the Train Theater’s 40th anniversary celebration and the inauguration of the new Children’s Cultural Center at Liberty Bell Park.


To honor the Train Theater’s 40th anniversary and launching of its new home, we turned to the artists who worked with the theater along the way, to design a gift. 

The theater was always home to us – the theater’s artists : puppeteers, actors ,actresses and designers. 

Our first home was a train Wagon. Later we performed on a stage beside the amphitheater in the north of the park. The third house was planned and built especially for us. Exciting! 

Isn’t it strange that the artists were asked to give themselves a gift? Not at all. 

Now that we have grown and we have a grown-up house, we should remind ourselves that the house not only belongs to the artists but also to their audience. You, the wonderful children who are growing with us and accompanying us from show to show, from season to season. Some of you have already become parents, and are returning with your children. You are our audience, and the Train Theater is your home, too.

With this exhibition we are opening our doors and our hearts to you.



The exhibition is free of charge and displayed on the two floors of the main Train Theater building.



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Curated by: Hadas Ophrat


Featured artists:

Moran Aviv, Patricia O'Donovan , Alina Ashbel,Yonatan Ben Haim, Nili Dvir, Keren Dembinsky, Tamar Drozd, Miryam Zalzberg, Ruth Hof, Dalia Yaffe-Maayan,  Galia Levy Grad, Roni Mosenson-Nelken, Shahar Marom, Erica Sapir, Hadas Ophrat, Naomi Pulver, Hila Flashkes, Shay Percil, Natalia Rosenthal, Meital Raz, Maayan ResnickLiat Shabtai, Michael Schuster     

Artists featured at the gift performances and inauguration events: 

Yonatan Ben Haim, Avital Dvory, Elit Veber,  Danielle Cohen-Levi, Sharon Mayevski, Ronit Kano, Meital Raz