Anat Geiger Shabtay | the Train Theater

Anat Geiger Shabtay

B.A. in Theater, Tel Aviv University 

Graduate of studies in puppetry and storytelling at the Devora Zafrir School for Puppet Theater and the Holon School of the Art of Puppetry 

Co-creator (with Elit Veber) of "Not Much Of a Coat"  

Also perform in a new production of the late Sharona Shapira’s "The Giant and His Garden”  

Create and perform theatrical story hour under the title "Simple Theatre" 

Artistic Language 

I don’t need much. Looking at an old object on a table, I think, what else could that be? What can I do with my hands? Where else can our imagination can take us? Most puppets in my story hour and performances are made from objects and waste materials that trigger humor, playfulness and invention. From these, the story emerges and a world is laid out before us. 

A Little About Me 

If I were an animal, it would be an iguana. 

מופעים בהשתתפותו/ה