Alina Ashbel | the Train Theater

Alina Ashbel


Born in Israel in 1948

B.A. in Art History from the Hebrew University

In 1978 co-founded, together with Smadar Tirosh and Rachel Berkman, the Bu-Badim Theater along with the play "Funnels"

One of four co-founders of the Train Theater (with Michael Schuster, Hadas Ofrat, and Mario Kotliar), responsible for defining its character, particularly in its first decade

Created and performed in plays in various styles adapted, designed and staged. Some plays contain certain aspects of object theater, formal theater, or plays without words accompanied by live music with an emphasis on material and materialism as subjects for the design, content and atmosphere.


  • Relationships
  • Bilim Pilim• The Nightingale
  • War Games
  • A Girl in a Flower Pot
  • Legend of the Hoopoe
  • Kav, Nekooda !
  • Ihnan
  • Madam Kloom
  • Far Over the Sea

These shows have appeared at festivals worldwide.

Teach classes, courses and workshops in various institutions across the country, including the Israel Museum, Tel Aviv Museum, School of Visual Theater, Kibbutzim College, House 9 (Haifa).

Since 2000, devoted to a personal initiative involving the creation of personalized performances for children hospitalized at Hadassah Medical Center in Ein Kerem, with every event dedicated to one child. This initiative encouraged by the Train Theater;events included in this program are integrated with theater initiatives designed for the special 

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