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Mor Frank

Theatre Director


  • 2000-2002       MFA (Cum Laude), Tel Aviv University, David and Yolanda Katz Faculty of the Arts, Department of Theatre Arts, Directing Track
  • 1997-1998       Theatre Arts studies, Acre Theatre, under the direction of David Maayan
  • 1992-1995       BA, Tel Aviv University, David and Yolanda Katz Faculty of the Arts, Department of Theatre Arts, Directing Track

Selected theatre projects:

2017               Adapted and directed The rain of grandpa Aharon (Meir Shalev), The Train Theatre.

  • 2016               Directed Relocation (Mike Bartlett), Zapa.
  • 2014                Directed The Professional (Dusan Kovacevic), Khan Theatre, Jerusalem  (
  • 2013                Adapted and directed He Walked in the Fields (Moshe Shamir), Ruth Kanner Theatre Group, the Tel Aviv Museum of Art
  • 2011                Adapted and directed If This is a Man (Primo Levi), Khan Theatre, Jerusalem. Currently appearing at the Museum of the Holocaust at Yad Vashem, Jerusalem
  • 2010                Adapted and directed Other People’s Party (based on stories by Liliana Hacke), Haifa University. Also performed at the Jerusalem International Writers Festival in the presence of the author
  • 2009                Adapted and directed The Chinese Knife Sharpener (Daniel Horowitz, based on Nissim Aloni’s Run, Soldier, Run), Khan Theatre, Jerusalem
  • 2008                Writer and director, Dybbuks, based on 16th century stories of possession, performed at Israel Festival produced by Habima National Theatre (
  • 2006                Director, The Waiting (Remo Binosi), Khan Theatre, Jerusalem
  • 2005                Adapted and directed The Bald Soprano (Ionesco), Khan Theatre
  • 2004                Director, The Road to Ein Harod (Amos Kenan), Acre Theatre Festival. Awarded Honorable Mention for the ensemble acting.
  • 2004                Writer and director, Death Sat Beside Me (based on stories by Nissim Aloni), Habima National Theatre in association with the Khan Theatre
  • 2003                Co-writer, He and I (with Michal Vered), Habima National Theatre, Theatronetto Festival of monodrama
  • 2003                Dramaturge, Black Box (Amos Oz), directed by Hanan Snir, Habima National Theatre, Tel Aviv
  • 2003                Writer and director, City of Ants (based on a story by Julio Cortazar), Hakibbutzim College of Education, Ramat Aviv
  • 2002                Directing advisor, The World is Round (Gertrude Stein). Honorable Mention, Acre Theatre Festival
  • 2002                Hebrew adaptation and directing, Zoo Story (Albee), Tel Aviv University Department of Theatre Arts
  • 2000                Director, Ant. Roger (Sarit Goren), Hasimta Theatre, Old Jaffa

From the press:

The Professional

“Mor Frank directed with a very light touch, and wisely designed the production with good humor…The Professional is an excellent and enjoyable production. See it and smarten up”—Zvi Goren, Habama (

“This play is intelligent and sophisticated, sad and funny…a chamber performance which is extremely interesting…Its presence wins us over” — Theatre critic Michael Handelsaltz, Haaretz (

He Walked in the Fields

 “A surprising and interesting production that translates research materials into an original performance, sensitive and wise” — Shai Bar Yaakov, Yedioth Aharonoth (

If This is a Man

“A sweeping drama of memory, shock and sadness” — Sivan Shadmon, Akhbar Ha’ir (

“A quiet, restrained adaptation…The director/adapter Mor Frank succeeded in maintaining the quiet, restrained tone…the actor’s humane, convincing performance addes another layer of sophistication and astonishment” —Shai Bar Yaakov, Yedioth Aharonoth (


“In recent years, Mor Frank has shown herself to be a promising director, and it’s good that the National Theatre has realized this” –Meret Parchomovsky, Yedioth Aharonoth (

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