Nili Weissberg-Gafnan | the Train Theater

Nili Weissberg-Gafnan

Studies / Courses / Workshops

  • 2012 Theater directing course, Tzavta’s Greenhouse for Directors
  • 2010 “The Actor and the Object” workshop with artist Agnes Limbos for Jerusalem’s Train Theater artists
  • 2006 Theater course for artists, “Some Place,” creative theater in the peripheral areas
  • 2002 Storytelling workshop in the Indian storytelling tradition as part of the Akko Festival of Alternative Theater’s Common Language project
  • 2000-2001 Story theater course for actors and storytellers in the Ayelet Center – Michal Porat
  • 1994-1995 Theater studies at Dudi Ma’ayan’s Akko Theater Center
  • 1992-1993 Courses in movement notation by Amos Hetz
  • 1989-1991 Studied creating, acting and storytelling at Jerusalem’s Visual Theater School

Major Works

  • “The Queen’s Daughter and the Moon”
  • “Stories to the Sound of the Rainbow”
  • Arabic language shows where language acts as a cultural bridge


Artistic Language

Integration of artistic disciplines; the art of the story; music and visual theater.

Scholarships and Awards

  • Support for performances for adults provided by the Rabinovitch Foundation, 2010
  • Support for an interdisciplinary art show in Arabic provided by the Mifal HaPayis’ Arts and Culture Council, 2012

A little about me

About 20 years ago, I began making my way in the performance world. I grew my hair, braided it, and went on the road to countless shows. It has always been important to me to perform in Arabic as well. I learned the language of our kinfolk and a magical door to a colorful, diverse audience opened before me in East Jerusalem, the Galilee, and with camels in the desert, from the North to the South. I continue to perform in countless shows in Hebrew, Arabic, and the language of objects.

מופעים בהשתתפותו/ה