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Ikky Gilad

Creator, director, puppet operator and actress in the field of Puppet Theater. A puppet operator in many TV shows.

A four year program for Puppet Theater in the Department of Theater Arts in Tel-Aviv University.
Coaching course in Telem Institue (mental health services)

Notable works:
Writer, director, set and puppet designer, actress and puppet operator of the Shows in Shunra Theater (Ikki Gilad and Dina Dekel):

  • Eiffel Tower Wedding Party – a play by Jean Cocteau
  • The Elephant Who Hatched an Egg – adapted from the story Horton Hatches the Egg, by Dr. Seuss
  • The Crown's Feather (Haifa International Children's Theater Festival)

Solo shows:
Little Romeo and Juliet – The International Festival of Puppet Theater in Holon 2011.

Georgette and Morris – a series of shows for adults written to order.

The Emperor's New Clothes – with Nili Dvir, a Train Theater production. The show was awarded Best Interdisciplinary Show and Best Prop and Puppet Design in 2013 (Habama Youth Theater Awards).
Who's Going to Save Narcissus? – (co-director), Nili Dvir
Peter the Rabbit - (co-director), Nili Dvir
The Eyes of Julie Christie – (director of puppet sequences), Sharona Shapira
Tom's Birthday Party – Sharona Shapira
Forests of the West (Ye'arot Hama'arav) – (won honorary award in the Haifa International Children's Theater Festival), Neta Givton
Rapunzel's Golden Locks – Hili Yakobi
Yetzurei Hatik (Creatures in the Bag) – Mindy Tyar-Zangi

Artistic language
Ikky carefully orchestrates all the elements of a show (text, puppets and set, lighting design, music, acting, puppet manipulation) to achieve artistic coherence. She uses a wide variety of puppetry techniques in her work and makes a diverse use of the performers, both as actors and as puppet operators. She puts great emphasis on the adjustment of the show's scope and complexity to the appropriate age of the viewers, as well as to the space or venue in which the show is to be performed.

A few words about myself
The process of creation and direction of a show is a thrilling and fascinating experience for me. A good-hearted, humoristic atmosphere during work process expresses itself in the performance, and it has a great effect on the viewers' experience. There's no point to the whole process if you don't have at least one dance routine in the show…

Performances with this Artist