Story theater with Galia


Galia puts on a little play, creating an intimate theater experience with objects and puppets. She presents a number of stories on the same topic with an emphasis on the visual.

Stories include

Stories for children ages 2-4

  • A Tale of a Carrot
  • Shushu and the Magic Hat
  • Duck Stories
  • Hey Elephant, Where Are You Hiding?
  • A Puppy, Soup and a Bone
  • The Spoiled Lion Only Loves Soup
  • Puppy With a Spot On His Back

Stories for children ages 4 and up

  • The Fisherman and the Golden Fish A unique version of the tale of the fisherman and the golden fish, using a technique whereby the plot moves forward via paper folding. Surprising transitions add a new layer to the familiar story.
  • The Paper Crane A paper-folding story based on a Chinese folk tale. Yang owns a thriving restaurant, but ever since they built a new road, no one comes anymore. One day, a poor stranger appears. Yang feeds him generously, and in return the stranger gives him a gift that changes his luck – a magical paper bird. A poetic tale about a crane that comes to life through paper folding, inspired by the art of origami.
  • The Chinese Cube Chinese stories emerge from a cube which folds, splits, divides and creates new forms and images, inspired by Chinese culture and art. The cube tells of little boy with a “green thumb" and a wise old emperor, the power of painting and skilled Chinese brothers whose exceptional talents end up saving their lives.
  • Hey, Elephant Small Object Theater made up of wooden puzzle pieces that are taken apart and put together
  • The Three Little Pigs A loose adaptation of the classic tale through the technique of object theater, in which children are active partners in the plot’s progression
  • A Mouse in the House Stories about mouse neighbors and prejudices, using puppets, props and lots of mice
  • The Secret in the Matchbox Story theater with props and the puppet, Shushu the Cat, based on the book by Val Willis
  • Giant Stories by David L. Harrison Story time with the puppet Bravo and props
  • Bear Stories, based on the stories of illustrator Eric Carle.

Participation in festivals

  • International Festival of Puppet Theater, Jerusalem
  • International Festival of Puppet Theater and Film, Holon
  • International Puppet Theater Festival, Dordrecht, Netherlands
Coming Shows
3.7 Mon 16:30
3.7 Mon 17:30

Adaption, design, acting and manipulation: Galia Levy Grad

Ages 2-4: 30 minutes
Ages 4 and up: 45 minutes