Three Pandas and Goldilocks


One night, Micky realizes that she’s a grown-up: Her tooth is about to fall out, Her shirt is too short, and soon she will be too old to play with her favorite doll, Goldilocks.

Five puppets, four songs, three panda bears, one redheaded Goldilocks and a brave young girl in a moving and funny journey into the woods and back. A colorful adaptation of the classic “Goldilocks and the Three Bears”.

From the reviews

I tremendously enjoyed the play ‘Three Pandas and One Goldilocks’ today. Ayala Dangour is a multi-talented creator with a graceful and charismatic stage presence. Whether moving, singing, acting or changing characters, she is a virtuoso. The play is beautifully designed and compelling, with clear and important messages.
Amir Orian, Artistic Director, HaHeder

Participation in festival

  • Theater Participated in the International Festival of Puppet Theater, Jerusalem.
Across Israel
28.6 | Wed | 17:00
Yad Labanim, Haifa - 04-8345238
19.7 | Wed | 17:30
Sde Binyamin Library, Netanya - 09-8620250
23.7 | Sun | 17:00
The Puppet Theater Center in Holon - 03-6516848

Writer, director: Yaron Edelstein
Writer, performer and singing: Ayala Dangour
Puppet and stage design:
Oksana Yanovizky, Leonid Alisov
Artistic consultation:
Naomi Yoeli, Rachel Dangour
Music: Steve Peskoff
Lightning design: Dov Mielnik
Production: The Train Theater

Inspired by the show "Three bears and one Goldilocks" by Rachel Dangour and Erica Sapir